Ericcson was only 12

Imagine walking over four hours to a remote village every Sunday because God called you to reach and disciple other people in your nation…at the age of 12? This is Ericcson’s new passion in life.

Ericcson came to Christ when he was 8 years old. As one of the only literate children in his village of Achada Ponte, Ericcson reads Scripture to the children in his village weekly.
As his faith grew, Ericcson developed a strong ability to lead and preach the Word. Now, he is considered a ministry leader within his village.
After meeting a boy from another village four hours away, Ericcson felt a burden on his heart for that village. Since then, Ericcson, walks the four hour trek every Sunday to share the Gospel and read the Bible to a small group.

This is how God moves the Gospel, one person at a time, no matter the age!

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